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STEALTH® Concealment Solutions, Inc., the founder in wireless concealment, joins the Raycap Group in recent acquisition

Post Falls, ID – July 2, 2018 – Global solutions provider Raycap (raycap.com) acquired STEALTH Concealment Solutions, Inc. (stealthconcealment.com), welcoming the privately held company to their portfolio aiming to further expand the success of both companies in new and existing markets. The transaction closed on June 29, 2018.

“We’re excited to be entering into this relationship with a quality company that is very highly focused on supporting the needs of the customer,” said Raycap Group CEO, Dr. Kostas Samaras.  “In acquiring a concealment industry leader like STEALTH, we will look for synergies in our solutions and product offerings so we can serve our customers and our markets even better than each company did so far.”

STEALTH created the first-ever RF-transparent concealment system in 1992 to prevent jeopardizing the appearances of existing structures when adding antennas. Raycap’s acquisition of STEALTH will expand the reach of STEALTH’s products and take its custom concealment solutions global. Raycap’s immediate plans to invest and grow STEALTH will greatly strengthen the brand’s position in the wireless industry.  According to STEALTH’s CEO, Sean McLernon, “Being exposed to the various resources inside the Raycap Group will position STEALTH to expand and enhance its capabilities while it continues to deliver the most innovative concealments in the telecommunications industry.”

Twenty-five years ago, the world was a different place – cell phones were larger than life, smart phones were non-existent and society was not connected by technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The industry has grown immensely with the advancement of new equipment and increased demand from mobile operators for more expanded and hardened networks. Both STEALTH and Raycap have grown along with the industry. Under the umbrella of the Raycap Group STEALTH expects to continue its success by providing the highest quality testing and most innovative concealment options for mobile carriers deploying macro and small cell sites.


As the founder of wireless concealment, STEALTH® has been in business for 25 years. Its Executive team has 74 years of combined experience. The company has designed and built more than 20,000 custom concealment projects for cell sites that take the form of rooftops, silos, steeples, small cell, DAS, trees, poles and much more. Today, STEALTH has over 60 employees and resides in a 68,000+ square foot facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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Raycap is a global manufacturer with sales and operations throughout Europe and North America. The company manufactures surge protection products and connectivity solutions for telecommunications, energy, transportation markets and other industrial applications. Products are marketed under the brands ProTec, SafeTec, Strikesorb®, Rayvoss®, ACData® ProGRID, SafeBloc and ProBloc. For more information, find us on the web at www.raycap.com