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Signal Line Surge Protection Devices

Raycap’s RayDat or ACData, signal surge protection devices, are the best protection for signal lines. These surge protective devices prevent electrical surges from contacting or damaging sensitive equipment that houses data. Data surge protection protects against induced transient overvoltage events on T1/E1/DS1 backhaul circuits. The signal protection devices are compact and easy to install along signal lines to ensure that in any situation, electricity outside of the safe range can not move past the point of their installation. Surge protection is critical in systems that rely upon the farming or retrieval of data from communications boards to maintain functionality. If these boards get corrupted or damaged in any way, it will slow the business processes until repair or restoration is completed. Damage to the panels can bring the operations to a complete halt if the data cannot be recovered. At that point, a complete database rebuild might be necessary to restore functionality. This type of event could destroy the profitability of companies relying upon ongoing functional systems to earn revenue. Data is used in nearly every industry, from manufacturing to services, and if the systems cannot access their data, the work that makes revenue cannot be completed in time. This is why the protection of the communications boards is of such importance.

Signal line surge protection seems to allude to the signal lines being protected. In reality, the signal lines are the pathway that damaging overvoltage events can occur as a result of an electrical surge. If signal lines allow electricity to flow across them bu their definition, then the door is also open for power outside of the safe operating range to move along them. If this happens and it comes into contact with the sensitive communications boards where data is housed, the results can be disastrous. Signal lines connect where the data is housed to the place where the data is required, so if any data is lost or the board itself is rendered unfunctional,  there can be no back-and-forth communications. These lines must be equipped with surge protection devices that are installed at the right places to ensure equipment protection from any electrical surge. If lightning strikes the facility or strikes a nearby structure, this could allow coupling into the lines entering the building housing the data center. The resulting electrical surge can travel along copper cables; if it reaches attached equipment, it can destroy it. If a switching error spikes electricity to a component, the connecting cable can transfer that electrical surge to the communications boards where the critical data is stored. In all these cases, the resulting loss of data or the necessity to restore it will not only cost money due to slowdowns, but it can also cripple a business if a need to rebuild the database completely becomes necessary. Smart businesses protect their systems, and surge protection is smart business.

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