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Remote Radio Head Surge Protection

Industrial surge protection for cell towers and cellular installations has special considerations due to the expenses involved with regards to the sensitive equipment necessary as well as the attraction for lightning strikes themselves which are posed by the towers.  Due to the necessary positioning of the towers in order to provide quality service as well as the materials that the towers and structures themselves are constructed from, cellular installations are direct targets for lightning strikes and must be appropriately protected as far as surges and electrical transients.  Raycap is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of surge protection equipment specialized for this purpose, and provides it’s Strikesorb technology as the best option for cellular providers.

The components of a distributed base station architecture involve a RRH (remote radio head) and a BBU (base band unit) which are directly connected by power lines consisting of copper cable or a copper/fiber combination.  These lines are typically connected to the structure itself or are fed through the structure, making them prone to transients produced by lightning strikes of both the direct and coupled form.  Coupling is the transient that is a result of electricity entering the lines and traveling to equipment due to a lightning strike to the structure itself or somewhere nearby, and they can be just as powerful and damaging as a direct strike to the line itself or the structure.  The Strikesorb technology mitigates the damage to sensitive equipment from both types of strikes.

All types of cellular networks can be protected using Strikesorb products from Raycap, including 2G, 3G and 4G networks.  The goal of all cellular networks is to provide the best service to customers while also reducing capital expenditures to their lowest levels.  This is achieved by cutting operational expenditures, and especially by reducing replacement costs for equipment in the field.  Strikesorb technology is engineered to not only provide the necessary protection from DC power in order to extend the lifespan, but also to be able to withstand multiple strikes.  This is crucial to sensitive equipment protection simply due to the natural elements of the tower which attract lightning.

With regard to RRH surge protection systems, Raycap is the trusted supplier for hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide, and is working tirelessly to continue to engineer products that provide superior levels of protection against electrical surges of all kinds within all types of industrial installation.  Equipment replacement costs continue to rise each and every year, making the protection of the installation and the extension of the useful life of each and every component crucial to survival in this competitive market.  Raycap technology provides the top levels of surge protection available anywhere, and can help you to improve your bottom line by reducing the costs of equipment replacement year over year.

Surge suppression technology is not an add on, it is a requirement if you are cong to avoid the catastrophic failures that cost the company money, and the service outages that cost the company customers.  Protect your installation today with Raycap’s RRH surge protection systems.