Raycap Surge Protection Technologies

Strikesorb® – a unique MOV technology

Wherever deployed, Strikesorb technology will significantly improve the availability of the equipment it protects.

Key Benefits

Raycap’s Strikesorb technology is a protection solution that ensures vital equipment does not experience downtime due to lightning or other power surge events. Strikesorb’s unique design features a distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) that can handle much larger surges without affecting performance.

Read more about Strikesorb Technology in this product white paper.

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The company has made significant R & D and operational investments in developing and validating Strikesorb to meet global safety standards. Strikesorb has been engineered and tested for use in AC and DC power applications, and the Strikesrob 30, 40, and 80 modules are compliant with IEC 61643-11 and the UL 1449 5th Edition Standards. The Strikesorb 35 is for DC applications and is classified as Class I and Class II SPD according to IEC 61643-31 and as Type 2 Component Assembly according to UL 1449 5th Edition.

ProTec T1S Featuring Phase GDT Technology

Raycap’s Phase-GDT (PGDT) has been developed to optimize both Voltage Switching and Voltage Limiting SPD technologies to create an ideal Class I SPD in a DIN Rail design – where a compact package is possible using voltage-switching technology but without the drawbacks of a high residual voltage or poor follow-current rating. ProTec T1S utilizes a breakthrough multi-cell, encapsulated GDT technology, to achieve a residual voltage like that of an MOV-based SPD, but in a footprint half the size of the market competition and without restrictions governing where on a network it may be installed.

Key Benefits

  • Compliant with IEC Class I testing per IEC 61643-11 – making it suitable for use in locations where direct or partial lightning currents can be expected per IEC 62305-4.
  • Change over contacts for remote monitoring VDE mark – certified to applicable IEC and European norms under low voltage directives.
  • High surge capacity but without the problems of follow-current extinguishing – can be installed on networks having high prospective short circuit fault currents (ISCCR).
  • Tested to be suitable for repeated operations on networks with Ias high as 50 kA 50/60 Hz.
  • Multi-cell design reduces follow-current to the point it behaves much like MOV-based technology – unlike conventional spark gap technology, where the high follow-current causes the gap electrodes to degrade after each operation, PGDT provides a long operational life.
  • Low residual voltage Up= 1.5 kV – can effectively be coordinated with other Class II or Class III SPDs on the network. It can be coordinated with any properly installed Class II SPD without considering cable length between the products.
  • High surge rating in a compact, pluggable DIN package – half the footprint of competitive products optimizes panel board real estate.
  • Encapsulated design; vital parts are housed inside a hermetically sealed cell – no expulsion of hot, conductive, ionized gasses.
  • Improved design ergonomics – features a retaining clip against vibration and shock.
  • Efficient internal mechanical and thermal disconnects – enable safe and reliable end-of-life behavior on networks.
  • Red/Green status indicator

Read more about Phase GDT Technology in this product white paper.

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SafeTec Surge Protection Technology

SafeTec technology is an open circuit mode in combination with current limiting technology. This limiting control prevents permanent disconnection during adverse temporary overvoltage (TOV) conditions. SafeTec delivers a reliable solution for all overvoltages, surges, and transients.

Key Benefits

SafeTec technology serves as a current limiter in the event of unexpected faults in power supply networks and ensures that the maximum current through the MOV in the initial state of conductivity is a few amperes. The current balance is quickly established at a level of about 10 mA. The SafeTec technology ensures that the current does not exceed the MOVs energy handling capability and prevents unwanted SPD disconnection from the power supply. The all-in-one technology is suitable for all AC applications and DC applications.

ProTec Hybrid Technology

ProTec Hybrid technology developed by Raycap features a special series connection of a varistor and a gas discharge tube. The technology is leakage-current-free.

Key Benefits

  • IEC/EN: Class I + II / Type 1 + 2
  • Location of use: Main Distribution Boards
  • Protective element: GDT and MOV
  • Surge ratings: Iimp = 25 kA, I= 25 kA
  • Max Discharge Current: Imax = 65 kA
  • Housing: Pluggable design
  • Backup Fuse: 315 A gG up to 50 kA
  • Uses special varistor development
  • Leakage current free

InvisiWave® for 5G mmWave & C-Band

Higher frequency applications are much more sensitive to concealment materials being placed in the antenna path and need an engineered solution. InvisiWave is a Raycap technology fabricated from RF-friendly 3mm material that covers and hides 5G mmWave radios attached to poles, other structures, or rooftops.

Key Benefits

The technology has been tested from 700 MHz up to 100 GHz to safely conceal mmWave radios with minimum impact on attenuation and radiation patterns. It is easy to install and handle and has excellent flammability characteristics. The material is compatible with back lobe mitigation techniques with the use of upgrade kits. Its hydrophobic surface minimizes the impact of water after rainfall and it is UV resistant. InvisiWave is available in a variety of sizes and form factors and is used in the manufacture of radomes and other pole-mounted solutions, rooftop pods, chimneys, screen wall panels, and more.

Read more about InvisiWave Technology in this product white paper.

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