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Protection From Lightning Protects The Bottom Line

Most businesses are concerned with saving as much money as possible, and the ongoing push towards minimizing expenses is always a top priority.  This becomes especially important when businesses factor in longevity of equipment specified for a particular life span, while facing the unknown dangers of damage or destruction possible during the normal course of operations.  Essentially, the extension of the lifespan of a piece of equipment for as long as possible beyond the expected lifespan saves the company money in replacement and repair costs over time, thus minimizing operating expenses.  For this reason, many industries take protection from lightning quite seriously, and realize that by minimizing the damage that routine lightning strikes can cause will protect their bottom line.  Companies that are serious about lightning protection will most certainly be seeking the most effective technologies to accomplish that goal, and those companies will eventually find Raycap and its Strikesorb line of industrial SPDs.

Some of the most obvious examples of lightning protection’s crucial role in the ongoing health of a business are found in the telecom and alternative energy industries.  The positioning of energy receivers and fuel gathering components like windmills and solar panels must be unobstructed and can be located in remote areas.  This physical aspect makes them prime targets for lightning strikes, which are expected on a regular basis and are built into the business plans of these industries.  The repair and replacement of the components that are struck by the actual bolt of lightning is a cost which is figured into the costs of doing business within each industry, but the damages that are produced by the subsequent power surge can be mitigated.  Through exploration of better technologies that will provide a higher level of lighting protection, management can influence the extension of the life span of the attached equipment that would have been damaged by the surge in the past.  The overwhelming of circuitry within components that are attached to the cell tower, windmill or solar panel is also an expense that is figured into the profit margins, and by minimizing the expected damage larger profits are able to be generated.  In addition to this simple fact, the preservation of the functionality of the systems for longer periods of time not only can create surpluses but also happier customers.  All of these factors influence the bottom line in a positive way.

Raycap provides the finest industrial surge protection technology in the world, and is utilized in thousands of installations.  The robust nature of the Strikesorb SPDs that Raycap produces provides protection within the most adverse weather conditions, and the ability to remain functional without needing to be reset or replaced provides a level of lightning protection that is extremely attractive to business owners.  Through the integration of Raycap products into industrial applications across nearly any industry, the extension of the life spans of critical equipment above and beyond predictions, is helping businesses to maintain profitability within even the most challenging business environments.