Protection From Lightning For Businesses

Protection From Lightning For Businesses

Each business is unique, even if they share the same industry.  Each type of business no matter what the product or service they provide are seeking a common goal, the maximization of profits through customer retention and new customer acquisition, the streamlining of operations and the reduction of costs.  As industries get more crowded with competitors offering the same products to their customers, the levels to which they operate must improve.  The market itself will eliminate those who do not provide superior products and low prices, as it has grown easier and easier to find competing businesses offering more and more to their customers.  Pressures mount to provide a better product at a lower price, and the only way for companies to reduce prices is either by reducing profit margins or improving operations.

Businesses whose operations require the positioning of equipment in the field, exposed to the elements in order to perform the tasks that consumers are purchasing, have a much tougher prospect when it comes to reduction of costs. This is because the elements will always take their toll on the exposed equipment, and so the companies must be diligent about finding wasy to protect their investments and reduce the risks associated with equipment loss or failure.  In this regard, the solar and wind power industries are much the same as the cellular and data streaming services.  Expensive computerized equipment that is tasked with providing a service while being exposed to potential hazards that will result in damage is required for operation, and the only method of improving operations with regard to this equipment is minimization of the inevitable damage from the elements.  Businesses must build repair and replacement costs into their business plans, and price their products accordingly to cover these costs while still remaining profitable.  As margins continue to be squeezed tighter, these businesses must find new and more innovative methods of minimizing these costs by maximizing equipment life spans.  If a piece of equipment is projected to survive two years under normal circumstances based on known lifespans and predicative analytics, a new technological advancement that can protect that piece of equipment for one additional year while preventing repair costs over that time frame suddenly changes the equation, and may allow price reductions in order to improve the businesses’ competitiveness.  This is exactly what the integration of more advanced industrial surge protection devices offers companies.

Surge protection is important, and the utilization of an inferior SPD can cost thousands of dollars by just a single instance of a lightning strike.  The surge that is produced by the lightning strike damages the sensitive circuitry within the attached equipment, and compounds the damage costs significantly.  Through the integration of better SPDs within the system, the damage can be isolated to the strike point and thus the equipment can be spared, reducing the impact of costs, and enabling companies more leeway with regard to their pricing.  In addition to the actual costs of equipment replacement, the maintenance and labor costs associated with resetting systems and replacing SPDs themselves can also be minimized, saving companies money quarter after quarter.  In many industries like the telecommunications and electrical production fields, this can be the difference between profitability and elimination.  Contact Raycap today to learn more about the most technologically advanced surge protection devices for industrial applications available.

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