Protect Your Street Level Equipment With Raycap Street Cabinets

Protect Your Street Level Equipment With Raycap Street Cabinets

The protection of your critical equipment is a necessity if you are to maintain a profitable status in today’s business climate.  The level of competition that is seen within most tech heavy businesses squeezes margins to the point of being almost non-existent, and without the effective streamlining of operations in order to reduce costs a business can easily find themselves bankrupt.  For this reason, most savvy business owners and managers are investing in systems and components that will provide extra protection for the expensive equipment that they rely upon in order to function.  This equipment may be potentially damaged in the field due to natural events like lightning strikes and the associated surges, or it could also be damaged by less dramatic events.  The one aspect that remains consistent is that damage to the equipment in the field has a negative effect on the bottom line, and extending the life span of that equipment is worth the added costs of protection systems over time.

One of the most simple methods of protecting components that are housed in the field is a “street cabinet.” For all intents and purposes, any structure that is designed to provide a protective enclosure would qualify as a street cabinet, but due to the extreme risks that exposure pose to expensive equipment, the street cabinet has evolved technologically.  Because protection is the name of the game at Raycap, we offer numerous configurations of street cabinets that will enhance our protection systems, or which can be utilized individually for nearly every type of business.  The Raycap street cabinets are  specially designed metal enclosures that are constructed of high density materials and metals that will effectively eliminate the conductivity that would be found in a simple steel cabinet.  Made of aluminum which will provide more than adequate structural integrity, the case will not conduct electricity in the case of a lightning strike or other electrical event.  The cabinets are constructed in a fashion that will allow for adequate heat transfer and ventilation while still providing little to no weak areas that can be exploited by moisture or rodents seeking nesting materials.  Far superior to cabinets made of plastic materials, Raycap cabinets not only ensure a long lifetime, they are ultimately recyclable, unlike their plastic counterparts. The points where cables enter or exit the cabinets are securely sealed with a variety of materials including specialized grommets that make nearly any intrusion attempt futile.  Inside, the equipment is able to function in a climate controlled environment that has little exposure to the outside world.  Protecting against everything from rats to vandals and lightning strikes, the Raycap street cabinet is one of the most effective methods of protecting your active or passive equipment investments.  When used in conjunction with Raycap surge protection devices, your equipment is safe and sound.

Maintaining equipment that is crucial for business functionality in the field is always challenging, but partners like Raycap can make that challenge significantly easier.  When you can reduce operational costs and assure connectivity at the same time, it is a business decision that makes itself.  Contact Raycap today.

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