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Solutions to protect, connect, and conceal wireless telecommunications.

Raycap’s unique combination of network infrastructure expertise and USA manufacturing helps speed the deployment of next-generation wireless networks. We align product innovations with customer needs to help you roll out on time and on budget with no surprises.

It’s our business to help yours thrive.®

  • Macro or small-cell site concealments including towers, rooftops, or walls, and fully conceived small-cell pole designs, all compatible with all 4G and 5G sub-6GHz frequencies and mmWave.
  • Side-mounted and pole-top shrouds, telecom cabinets, connectivity solutions and enclosures of all types.
  • DC power protection and power management solutions including Strikesorb® Class I+II surge protection to support site reliability and promote site efficiency.
  • USA engineering and manufacturing capabilities to help simplify designs, approvals and installations.

Raycap Article – Broadband Architectures Require Purpose-Designed Cabinets

Download our article, Ease Broadband Rollouts with Outdoor Cabinets, and gain valuable insights into how choosing the right cabinet solution supports future service expansion or equipment upgrades.

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