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Promotion of Green Energy Through Cost Reduction

Both solar power and wind power are internationally recognized as crucial components to the future of life in nearly every industrialized society on Earth.  The fossil fuel industry still dominates most cultures, with energy produced from the burning of coal, oil, wood or other elements used to produce heat and electricity, power our automobiles and cook our meals.  However it is widely recognized that there are multiple alternative methods of producing that electricity and energy including wind and solar power. These alternative energy sources are considered “green” due to the lack of pollution produced in the process and the sustainability of the methods of production due to the availability of sun and wind.  Few people will argue against the benefits of utilizing these types of energy sources, however the general impediment at this point in time is the costs associated with production.  The production costs contribute to higher prices charged for the final product than energy produced by burning fossil fuels.  The desire of most cultures to move toward a cleaner form of energy production has placed a large amount of attention on ways to reduce the production costs of green energy in order to make it cost comparable to fossil fuels.  Innovation within the spaces has lead to numerous technological advances that have reduced the costs of the components necessary to produce the power, and other advancements have been made that allow that machinery to function longer without need of repair or replacement.  Surge protection devices like those manufactured by Raycap have significantly improved the lifespans of production equipment, and as a result are contributing to lower production costs. Lightning strikes can be very damaging to the wind and solar power industries.  Remote locations, the propensity of the wind mills to be the tallest structures, and the materials that solar farms are constructed with, make damage from lighting strikes inevitable.  There is literally no way of preventing lightning strikes to these forms of industrial installations, so the attention has moved towards the minimization or elimination of the damage that results when a strike happens.  This is accomplished through the diversion of the power surge that results from a strike so that it is not allowed to travel along lines that connect components together.  While the specific area of a strike will inevitably sustain damage, the subsequent damage that happens to other components which were not directly struck can be avoided by stopping the surge in its tracks, never allowing it to reach the next piece of equipment in the chain.  Although industrial surge protection devices have been around for years, they have generally not been of the high quality to adequately protect industrial applications.  In addition, they have generally needed resetting or replacement upon the instance of a strike and triggering of the SPD functionality.  Raycap has created technology that not only is constructed to withstand the harshness of the environments of remote installations, but also need no replacement or resetting even after multiple strikes.  Simply put, Raycap has created a superior technology that allows the wind and solar industries to produce power more cheaply.  Raycap products are playing a crucial role in the development of green energy as a viable source of power, from both an environmental and also an economic standpoint.