RaySheath Link Box Solution

Underground medium voltage networks connecting wind farms and PV parks with high voltage substations are subject to damage from circulating currents in the screen of the cable and lightning strikes that can negatively impact the reliability of a park’s connection to the transmission grid.

Raycap’s RaySheath is a tailor-made link box developed to protect the sheath of the medium voltage cables. RaySheath can be used either for cross-bonding or single-point bonding schemes and relies on the RaySVL, a Strikesorb-based Sheath Voltage Limiter. RaySVL features unique characteristics since it withstands short-circuit currents and direct lightning strikes offering a very low residual voltage, in contrast with conventional SVLs.

Raycap undertakes the cross-bonding study of the interconnection system of a wind or PV park to the high voltage substation and develops tailor-made RaySVLs appropriate for each specific grid, to withstand the short circuit current, in contrast with conventional approaches.

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  • Accommodates the bonding of the cable sheaths via Strikesorb-based SVLs to reduce the circulating currents on the screens
  • Protects the cable sheath from lightning and surge activity
  • May be used in installations above or below ground
  • Water and dust-resistant enclosure – IP 68
  • Appropriate for direct bury applications.
  • RaySVL – Strikesorb-based SVL
  • High lightning and multiple surge current handling capability
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Safe elimination of internal fusing ensures protection at all times and under all circumstances
  • Low let-through voltage to enhance system reliability
  • High short-circuit current ratings
  • Ten-year global product warranty
  • More than 20 year lifetime.