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Photovoltaic Surge Protection

Photovoltaic surge protection systems are some of the most effective methods of increasing profitability of solar power plant installations. Operators of PV power systems understand the significant costs associated with equipment replacement or loss, and are also well aware of the risks of damage due to remote locations and extensive layouts. While inclement weather and natural environmental factors pose significant risks to solar installations, perhaps the most critical risk factor is lightning strikes to facility components. Lightning strikes create damage in the forms of both equipment destruction as well as revenue losses associated with systems being knocked offline for extended periods of time. The only effective means of protection is avoidance of the surge itself through installation of SPDs (surge protective devices) within inverter locations, string boxes as well as various other strategic points within the solar facility boundaries.

Lightning strikes come in two forms, direct and indirect, with both producing damaging effects in their wake. While a direct strike to equipment will inevitably produce damage that will require equipment replacement due to the explosive force of the strike itself, an indirect strike will also produce damage to critical components through the electrical surges that are produced in their wake. Initial damage to circuitry is obvious as the equipment itself fails, however subsequent damage is more difficult to see as shortened life spans are common, along with operational failures that unexpectedly come from equipment degradation caused by electrical surges. Replacement costs are always a concern, however the greater damage will generally be seen in the form of revenue losses due to systems going offline and no longer performing their revenue producing functions during the timeframes following a lightning strike and subsequent surge. While equipment is offline, as well as during the significant timeframes associated with parts replacement and maintenance to restore functionality, revenues are being lost. This is why Raycap’s Strikesorb technology is considered so important in maintaining the healthy PV environment. its ability to withstand multiple, successive strikes without the need for resetting or replacement makes it the ideal solution for PV applications. Strikesorb products keep PV facilitys online and functioning and fully protected, even during the most active weather.

Many manufacturers of inverters utilized in photovoltaic installations have begun integration of Strikesporb SPDs into their builds, creating a superior inverter which can withstand the natural occurrences of lightning strikes to a greater degree. In combination with the installation of additional Strikesorb components at junction boxes within the facility itself, a level of protection that is unmatched can be achieved. By the effective avoidance of the surge related damage that can occur at any point, operators of photovoltaic systems can rest assured that they will see maximum uptimes and minimized equipment replacement costs.

The multiple configurations that Strikesorb products are able to used within assure the maximum levels of photovoltaic surge protection for any conceivable low voltage AC and DC system. Offered in both IEC Class I and Class II variations, Strikesorb SPDs are the perfect solution for PV power plants. Contact Raycap today to inquire about our superior photovoltaic surge protection products.