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Ongoing overvoltage protection

Raycap is recognized as a world leader in producing and manufacturing overvoltage protection components and systems designed for industrial applications. The unique Strikesorb SPD technology allows for previously unmatched levels of protection from electrical damage to sensitive equipment like microprocessors and computers. Overvoltage events can cripple any equipment connected directly to an electrical grid without interrupting equipment installed, being produced through a variety of accidents that can cause surges. These surges are immediate increases in the levels of electricity flowing from the source to the components and are generally the result of lightning, switching errors, operator errors, or malfunction. Raycap’s Strikesorb line of products acts as a barrier between equipment and electrical overvoltage levels, instantly diverting electrical current away from potentially damaged components if the critical level is exceeded.

Ongoing overvoltage protection will generally involve a system of continual monitoring of electricity levels, and an activation of protective measures if the level exceeds a defined safety zone. With OVP devices providing continual monitoring 24 hours per day, Strikesorb’s high short-circuit current rating is perfect for nearly any installation due to its flexibility.  The Strikesorb technology allows for low “let-through” voltage, thus providing optimum protection levels.  OVP from Raycap is able to be installed both locally and remotely, providing the maximum protection levels against damage.

Overvoltage events themselves are varied in their causes.  Any failure within the existing power supply can cause brief spikes and surges which will damage circuitry if it is allowed to reach the equipment.  The method of protection that is most effective is a continual monitoring of the levels of electricity on the lines, and an instantaneous draw down or diversion of the current if it goes over a set level.  If the current is allowed to reach the equipment at a surge level, damage can be severe and result in data loss, equipment component destruction and fire.  In addition to failures within the power supply, there are other forms of transients that can be caused by non-supply issues, ranging from incorrect programming and switching errors.  These brief electrical level increases past the safety threshold are caused by distortions of the sine wave.  This causes changes to its shape, and therefore problems with the equipment. The long-term effects on equipment including the UPS and other power back up systems is ongoing. Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) round out a complete surge suppression system for complete protection.

Lightning strikes are the most severe type of overvoltage event, and are the most damaging if unmanaged.  In the event of a direct strike to equipment there is little chance of salvage, making prevention the key to protection. The installation of overhead protection and grounding structures will help to avoid direct strikes to equipment. Overvoltage and surges caused by strikes to power lines or coupling into lines through strikes to attached structures is prevented using industrial surge protection devices installed in front of equipment to keep the power surge from reaching the protected equipment.

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