Overvoltage Protection From Raycap

Overvoltage Protection From Raycap

Within numerous industries that rely on the installation and ongoing operation of high tech equipment, the integration of overvoltage protection serves as one of the most important cost saving measures that can be undertaken.  It is through these integrations that the technological components of businesses are able to function for longer timeframes as well as extended lifespans.  The greatest threat to computer equipment is electrical surges that overwhelm the limitations of circuitry, and damage as a result of these overvoltage incidents can only be prevented by never allowing the surge to reach its potential destination.  Raycap creates and manufactures the technology that does just that.

While any component that is connected to an electrical supply line is potentially in danger of being the victim of an overvoltage event caused by any of the millions of electrical surges that happen every day, equipment in the field is far more at risk.  Your home computer can be effected by a power surge that destroys internal circuitry if the regulated flow of electricity to your home is allowed to escalate.  This will generally be as a result of some failure in the power supply chain, and is actually quite common.  For this reason, computer manufacturers suggest keeping surge protection devices in between the power supply to your home and your computer, so as to be able to cut the flow if there is a spike in current.  The same premise is true of the millions of dollars worth of equipment that sits on industrial sites worldwide, each and every piece being easily damaged by the slightest surge of electricity past the limitations of the circuitry.  The main differences between industrial surge protection and residential is that the levels of electricity that power industrial sites are far greater, and at the same time the equipment faces threats that are not typically seen in residential applications.  As an example, the alternative energy industries consist of components that are completely exposed to the elements, and through their very nature they are targets for lightning strikes.  These exposed components are directly connected via power lines and structures to equipment that is quite sensitive, and which would be damaged by the electrical surge that would be coupled into these lines by the lightning strikes that are so common.  Without industrial overvoltage protection installed at critical points on the supply line, as well as at redundant points within the structure itself, any strike to a solar panel or a wind turbine would destroy far mare equipment and cause far more damage than that which is produced by the lightning strike itself.  Strikes to cellular towers would destroy equipment between the RRH unit and the BSU.  Through keeping these circuits not only protected from damage but continuing to function even after a strike, systems of communication and critical production are kept online.

Overvoltage protection for industrial installations is not only achievable but is critical to the operation of modern systems in nearly every industry, and Raycap is leading the field in nearly all of them.  Contact a representative today to learn more about how Raycap’s unique line of SPDs can benefit your business.

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