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Lightning Protectors

The average consumer thinks of surge protection in the form of surge strips that are typically used simply for the multiple outlets they provide. Some may have slightly higher end surge protection in their homes in the form of battery backup and surge protection combinations. Most will only think of surge protectors for computer equipment, and aside from being a buffer between a computer and the wall outlet they are not used for many high end electronic devices. Yes, you should put a form of surge protection in between your expensive television and the electricity source. You should do the same for almost anything of value in your home that has the potential for being damaged by a power surge. Consumers rarely think of the damage that a power surge can do until it is either too late, or the surge protection has done the job it was installed to do.

Surge protection cannot be an afterthought for industrial sites. Nearly all of these types of installations have a few things in common, that they are remotely located and they operate via expensive and often mission-critical equipment. The combination of a physical setup or location that attracts lightning strikes, and extreme amounts of sensitive equipment necessary for the operation of the facility makes for a precarious mix. It is expected that there will be a certain amount of lightning strikes to areas in any industrial facility each year. It is also expected that each of those lightning strikes will not only produce damage at the strike point, but also a power surge. These transients cause the normal regulated flow of electricity to equipment to spike beyond the range that is tolerable, and damage is caused to circuitry and other internal components. Quite simply, power surges caused by lightning strikes damage any equipment they come into contact with. The damage is expensive to fix and functionality of the facility is compromised until it is restored to full operation. This results in monetary losses in the form of production slowdowns and equipment replacement costs.

Lightning protection is critical to keeping industrial facilities profitable. Into any business model is built the expectations for a certain amount of losses and costs due to natural incidents like lightning strikes which cannot be completely prevented. In facilities that operate with equipment costs in the millions of dollars, even the prevention of small amounts of damage can add up to cost savings that keep the business competitive. Just a few extra minutes or hours over and above a piece of equipment’s expected life span  can boost profitability, and when equipment life can be seriously extended over time, the positive results to profitability can be significant. Just a few days over the expected life span of a component can add to the bottom line of any business. This is why the most technologically advanced surge protection systems are installed in the world’s leading industrial facilities. Surge protection against lightning strikes keeps the world running smoothly. Raycap is proud to manufacture the leading products in surge protection and to be the solution of choice for serious mission-critical businesses all over the globe.