Lightning Protection Saves Industrial Business Loss

Lightning Protection Saves Industrial Business Loss

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There are many types of industrial businesses that rely upon fail safe systems to prevent damage and losses in the field.  Businesses that would remain unprotected in hopes that bad events will not happen are generally destined to eventually take those losses.  While having no plan may work out to your advantage for a certain amount of time due to the fact that you have not invested in resources into systems that have not been needed or come into play, the types of installations that prevent potential damage are not installed for ongoing or noticeable purposes.  They are installed to work in the background sitting dormant until the instant that a potentially damaging situation happens, and it is at that point they earn their keep.  Within industrial facilities we will find that there are potentially millions of dollars of equipment at risk at all times. These systems have the ability to be destroyed and to cause major disruptions in the business flow.  The perfect illustration of this possibility is the fact that lightning can strike at anytime and anywhere, as well the fact that it is nearly impossible to stop.  The extent of the damage that is caused by lightning strikes is not just the simple direct strike damage that you would expect.  If lightning strikes the facility or a component directly, we can expect that component to be severely damaged due to the sheer magnitude of the force that is behind the lightning strike. Industrial facilities have the problem that this is not the only form of damage that is usually felt that when lightning strikes.  Instead, we will find that additional damage happens to the sensitive equipment which is either directly or indirectly connected to an area where lightning strikes.  Power surges that follow the lightning strike can move along connectivity lines and any material that can conduct electricity.  This means that even if the equipment which is being protected is housed inside of some form of shielding or shelter, a lightning strike to the power lines outside or to an area of the structure which has the ability to conduct electricity can also cause damage.  The power surge can flow along these elements and directly impact the sensitive equipment inside of the facility even if it has been shielded from the direct strike.  Therefore the additional lightning protection systems in the form of surge protection equipment must be installed along connectivity lines as well as at critical junctures through which electricity can flow and reach the equipment.  These surge protectors can act as gapping mechanisms which will prevent the electrical flow from making it past that point, ultimately protecting the equipment on the other side by preventing the flow in its entirety.  When combined with overhead shielding we can prevent or at least mitigate the amount of damage that is expected every year from the unpredictable instances of lightning strikes, ultimately driving down the operational costs that are expected within the business.  Preparing against the unexpected is necessary in order to maintain business in the long run.

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