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Is Cheap Cellular Service Partially Because Of Surge Protection Devices?

People complain about their phone bills all the time.  They will reference how much they’re paying every month in a negative way during conversations with their friends, never thinking about the amount of technology that they are benefiting from by paying that bill.  If you think about it, a few hundred dollar bill every month gives people access to almost unlimited amounts of information and entertainment.  The original intention of a mobile phone, allowing people to talk to their friends without being connected to a wire, has almost fallen by the wayside.  People use their phones for so much more today that doesn’t have anything to do with making or receiving calls.  There was a time when the biggest complaint regarding a cellular phone was weak signals and dropped calls.  Today however, people are irritated by the fact that they may not be able to stream a high definition movie while flying on an airplane and texting at the same time!  We have grown so used to having unlimited amounts of technology at our fingertips that we have taken for granted the systems that make this all possible.  The competition between cellular providers has grown so fierce that even the smallest increase in price can cause customers to flee.  Consumers expect to have instant access to nearly anything, and have grown used to paying almost nothing for it.  As new technology forces cellular companies to roll out faster networks with higher capacities, they’re forced to explore alternative cost cutting methods in order to not have to raise prices.

Luckily, one of the most effective methods of cutting costs for cellular companies has been the integration of more technology in the form of surge protection devices.  Gone are the days when surge protection involved simple circuit breakers or surge strips.  Within industrial applications, we find that the level of technology involved in the surge protection devices can rival the computers that they’re protecting.  Surge protection devices have been required to grow more robust and also more effective due to the fact that the equipment they are protecting has grown in cost.  In addition, the potential implications of networks being inaccessible or slow are critical.  A slow network that does not provide the same speeds or capacities with regards to downloads has almost no chance of competing in today’s consumer economy.  Through the integration of more technologically advanced surge protection equipment, cellular companies have the ability to extend the life span that is expected of equipment within their towers.  Typically, the business plans within the cellular businesses factor in damage that occurs as a result of power surges brought on by lightning strikes.  Through the integration of more effective surge protection equipment, the damage that is caused by the surges is being minimized.  As the equipment involved in the process is able to be used for longer periods of time, costs are able to be reduced even though network improvements are continually happening.  The consumers only see that the service is getting better while the costs are going down.