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Industrial Surge Protection Devices

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In the modern industrial business, the equipment being used is almost exclusively dependent upon microprocessors and electronic devices, creating a critical need for far higher levels of protection against electrical surges than ever before. Because of the extensive use of computers, microprocessors, programmable logic controllers, and various other electronic components that are utilized in the automation aspects of machine programming, motor speed, and tool changes, these systems are now incredibly vulnerable. Power surges are now one of the leading causes of breakdown, catastrophic failure, process interruption or premature aging, and failure of equipment. Only through the effective deployment of industrial surge protection can manufacturers keep equipment safe and processes running reliably, ultimately mitigating disruptions and outages as well as damage due to surge-related occurrences. Surges are typically generated externally through incidents like grid switching and lightning strikes. This is not to say that there are not also internal events that cause power fluctuations and overvoltage problems. Grid side surges outside of the plant can also produce power fluctuations that are seen throughout a facility. Regardless of the source, power surges and fluctuations negatively and adversely affect machinery and productivity across the board. Only through the integration of facility-wide surge protection devices, applied throughout the electrical distribution system all the way from the electrical service entrance to the single-phase loads, is damage mitigated.

Industrial grade surge protection devices are the only acceptable solutions to provide stable environments and mitigate losses as a result of power surges and overvoltage events. The unique technologies involved in the most advanced surge protection devices now can nearly completely eliminate damage to the sophisticated electrical equipment that in the past has been rendered inoperable or entirely destroyed by lightning surges, large load switching events or other overvoltages in facilities operating with less effective surge protection devices. In today’s high stakes competitive environments, both business disruption and equipment damage must be avoided in order to remain competitive. The more difficult surges are caused by lightning strikes that happen within the general vicinity of the plant. Direct lightning strikes are going to cause damage at the strike point, which is almost unavoidable. But, the surge that follows can be mitigated downstream by industrial surge protection, which prevents the lightning surge from having an impact on the connected equipment. Integrating effective surge protection devices allows industrial businesses to run at peak efficiency. Raycap has the products and the technology to provide the highest functioning surge protection devices on the industrial level, assisting companies and industries globally in mitigating costs and approving efficiency.