Industrial Lightning Protection Components From Raycap

Industrial Lightning Protection Components From Raycap

Most people are unaware of the integral part that industrial lightning protection components play in their daily lives. Even slight fluctuations in electrical current can cause inconveniences as well as dangers for consumers, in many situations. Surge related interruptions in services like cellular networks can increase the dangers to consumers significantly by potentially making communications impossible during crisis situations where storms are presenting the threat of damage or death. Simply calling emergency services can be a life or death situation, and the loss of communications must be viewed in these situations as far more than an inconvenience.

One major factor that has increased the necessity of industrial lightning protection has been the increasingly remote installations of industrial facilities. Especially within the renewable energy sectors, larger solar fields and find farms are being constructed in order to meet increasing demands, and as a result these installations must happen further from populated areas. As an industrial installation becomes the largest expanse within an area, as well as the tallest, it naturally becomes an attractant for lightning strikes which can knock systems offline as well as damage components of that installation. There is nearly no way to completely eliminate the attractant aspect of an industrial installation, and as a result lightning strikes and strike related damage must be expected. What can be reduced, however, is the damage that results to the attached data processing and other computerized equipment that is tasked with running the operations. The electronic equipment is directly connected to the components which are oftentimes hit directly by a lightning strike. These components suffer damages as a result of the lightning surge, which can be diverted effectively if industrial surge protection is installed, thus salvaging the useful lifespans of that equipment. Raycap’s technology goes one step further by allowing these installations to stay online and function even after an event triggers the surge protection. Typical lightning protection systems must be replaced or reset after an event, thus removing the system from functionality. Raycap’s technology can take multiple lightning surges without degradation, allowing for continual operation of the industrial facilities.

The cellular industry illustrates the increasing need for better technologies to avoid lightning related incidents and the damage they produce. Increasing demand for faster data transfer speeds and increased capacity has lead to far more expensive installations upon cellular towers. This increased capacity, as well as the ever-growing reliance of consumers on their cellular networks for all communications, has created a demand for improved surge protection products that will protect network equipment and help keep it functioning at all times. Raycap has responded to these demands with improvements to protection products that far exceed even the closest competitor. While most consumers only know that their phone continues to get a network signal and allows them to communicate and download data as usual, behind the scenes the surge protection industry is quietly functioning at higher and higher levels to keep consumers connected.

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