Green Energy Production Surge Protection Systems

Green Energy Production Surge Protection Systems

Surge protection devices may be one of the factors that make a difference in the world’s ability to more quickly adopt methods of producing electricity that are less harmful to the environment.  There are two schools of thought with regards to power production, both factoring down to money at their core.  Fossil fuel production techniques cost less but use  methods that produce pollution and greenhouse gasses as by-products.  Green production methods cost more but produce no harmful by-products or pollution.  As people debate the widespread adoption of green technology over fossil fuels, the crux of the debate is the level of damage that fossil fuels do vs. the costs that are involved.  Even though there are few people who would argue that they prefer the methods that do less damage to the environment, they feel that the added costs that they need to pay for the cleaner methods are not worth it, and that the damage is justified to save money.  This is a difficult argument to counter, as personal feelings on the amount of damage that is acceptable are going to vary wildly.  The true end of the debate will come when the costs of both methods are equal, or ultimately lower for the green production methods.  But how can that happen?

In order to address this question, we must look at the fixed costs of each method.  The actual generation of electricity is accomplished through the turning of turbines, and the transport and storage of that electricity is the same no matter how it is produced.  The costs of fossil fuel production are found mainly in the acquiring of the fuel source itself, being the mining or refinement of oil or coal.  There is no cost with regard to wind or sunlight, so the fuel that is used in the green processes is free.  The costs associated with those processes is found in the purchase, installation, repair and replacement costs of the equipment used in the process, as well as the inefficiency that comes with downtimes.  If a fuel source that has no cost is available, every minute that is spent not using it to produce power represents waste and inefficient operations.  This inefficiency comes often from the downtimes created when systems are knocked offline by power surges.  A major cause of surges that create damage and downtimes to equipment are lightning strikes to the solar panels or the wind mills, ultimately allowing overloads of power to surge through connected lines and structures.  These surges damage the circuitry of the electronics equipment, necessitating repair or replacement in order to restore functionality.  When addressed from this standpoint the solution is clear, create more protection for the systems to avoid the lightning and surge damage.

Raycap is a world leading producer of surge protection devices for green energy production systems.  Our Strikesorb SPD technology is not only more robust than competing devices, but also features a unique and patented technology that allows them to never (or only in rare circumstances) need to be reset or replaced.  This reduces downtimes associated with surges as well as increases equipment life spans.  As technology advances, we come closer every day to creating systems that are both cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels.  Once that threshold is crossed, a better world will emerge.

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