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Electrical Surge Monitoring

SPDs which are also known as “surge protection devices” are components that provide the ability to stop an electrical surge from reaching a destination point, thus protecting everything on the other side of that point.  All devices which are plugged into a socket or connected to a power source are susceptible to damage as a result of power surges, and it is the single function of surge protection devices to prevent that damage by preventing the electricity that is reaching that component from being of a level too great for the circuitry to withstand before damage occurs.  Along with this functionality comes the “electrical surge monitoring” capacities in many SPDs, as it is crucial for the device to be able to allow for power flow up to a certain level while still preventing any flow beyond that level.  The new and modern industrial surge protection devices offer this capacity.

Raycap products can continually monitor electrical flow at crucial points where they are installed.  They serve as a continual watchdog that maintains the power flow at a set level and never allows it to go beyond the safe point through its prevention features.  This allows companies to not only monitor and track the amounts of electricity flowing through their lines, but actively prevent that level from rising without completely cutting off the flow and shutting the system down.  This is the reason that so many customers understand that Raycap products are unmatched in the industrial surge protection sectors.

If you operate a facility that has the potential to be damaged by electrical surges to equipment from any source, including and not limited to switching errors and lightning strikes, contact Raycap representatives today to learn more about the technology that can protect your investments now and in the future.  By reducing the costs associated with repair and replacement of computerized equipment and circuit boards, you may potentially find a savings to your bottom line that you never knew was possible.