Electric Vehicle Adoption Rates Are Slowed By Private Industry 

Electric Vehicle Adoption Rates Are Slowed By Private Industry 

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As part of the two trillion dollar infrastructure bill that is being advanced through the United States government at this point, tax incentives and rebates for electric vehicle buyers as well as those involved in the industry are one of the premier aspects.  The desire to convert more vehicles that are on the road in the United States to electric has been in play for many years, advancing slowly but not fast enough to have a meaningful impact on climate change.  At the current date only 2% of the 17,000,000 cars that are sold every year in the United States are electric.  While each major vehicle manufacturer is offering an electric vehicle at this point, more must be done in order to change the trajectory of consumer point of view in order to achieve their goals.  Solutions must be provided that will make the ownership of an electric vehicle easier for people in the United States, and although Tesla has made great strides in solving the major issues for their own customers, these advances in technology have not helped the industry is a whole.  Tesla has done what they have done in order to sell more of their own vehicles, and the solutions that have been developed are exclusive for their own products.  Aside from the stylishness and power levels that are achieved by Tesla vehicles, one of the main improvements that has been made has been is the availability of charging stations and the swiftness with which those stations can charge your car.  Tesla has created a completely autonomous network of charging stations that will only serve Tesla vehicles, and will provide a full charge in around half an hour’s time.  This same timeframe must be achieved within a wider range of universal charging stations in order to advance general electric vehicle ownership with United States’ consumers, and there must be more of them to make charging more convenient.  At the current time there are only 41,400 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States and fewer than 5000 are able to provide an 80% charge in less than ½ hour.  In order to create a wider network of fast chargers, the government has realized that they must infuse benefits into the private sector which will encourage the building of more fast charging stations.  Levelthree chargers cost nearly $250,000 to install, and can be vulnerable to damage that can result from lightning strikes and power surges.  In addition to the incentives that the government is offering, private industries are providing technologically advanced solutions which will also bring down the costs of operation. Raycap has done its part to develop technologically advanced power surge protection devices that can be integrated into the footprint of a vehicle charging station, ultimately driving down the ongoing cost of operations.  This can help to increase profitability as the market continues to grow, and push forward towards the goal of 500,000 charging stations nationwide before 2030. 

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