Electric Charging Station Surge Protection 

Electric Charging Station Surge Protection 

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There has been an ever-increasing interest in electric vehicles over the last five years.  In order to create even more interest and adoption there needs to be a more aggressive rollout of charging stations.  When considering the purchase of an emerging technology, one of the first things that comes to mind are the limitations that this technology might impose on your life.  With regards to electric vehicles, the limitations have always been in the form of a lack of power, a lack of styling and a lack of available charging stations.  Styling aside, the functionality of an electric vehicle is limited to the distance that it can be driven and the speed at which it can be driven.  As interest grows, manufacturers have made significant gains in the amount of power that can be generated to the wheels of an electric vehicle, in some cases now showing even more power than most standard gas-powered cars.  It seems that the only hindrance that still exists from preventing a more widespread adoption of this form of transportation is the lack of available charging stations across developed nations.  Nobody wants to worry about driving their vehicle in an unfamiliar area and not being able to charge it up.  Areas like California are now putting forward significantly more aggressive measures designed to eliminate gas-powered vehicles over the course of the next decades, this goal goes hand in hand with measures which will increase the amount of charging stations in the state.  Tesla has made the most progress with regards to its technology and roll out of new charging stations, but due to the fact that Tesla vehicles operate in a class of their own this does not do much for the development of technology outside of their system when these manufacturers create stations only relevant to their own car types.  Collective efforts to fast track more widespread adoption of electric vehicles involve tackling the problem of installing more charging stations that are not specifically only for a particular vehicle manufacturerMany believe that cross-brand rapid charging stations are the solution. 

The ultra-fast charging technology that is in development in order to achieve the goal of a 30 minute full charge is not compatible with most buildings because they are not able to deliver the necessary AC power for this goal. While DC charging stations would be the solution to providing less wait-time for a full charge, these types of setups in unprotected areas present a potential danger to both the charging station and the vehicle alike.  An additional consideration must be made for the people who would be located within a short distance of their vehicle while charging.  The threat of power surges as a result of lightning strikes to these components during the charging sessions is significant and sites must be equipped with the most technologically advanced surge protection devices that are known.  The protection of capital investment as well as human life must be taken seriously, and in order to achieve the goals of a more widespread adoption of this type of emerging technology by the public, we must ensure that a lightning strike will not result in significant losses or death.  Raycap is leading the way with its technology for EV charging stations, and its integration into fast charging stations can potentially be the difference. 

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