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Effective Surge Protection For Modern Businesses

Today’s world is an interconnected one, and highly technologically advanced systems interact with our daily lives almost constantly.  Each year, statistics show that people are more reliant upon their phones and wireless devices to conduct their business, even if that business is as simple as using a search engine to answer simple questions about home improvements.  We are continually exposed to information that is housed on computers and data centers elsewhere, and our access to this information is one of the main reasons that modern life is considered easier than the past.  Access to knowledge is the greatest accomplishment of modern man.

The business world is a technologically advanced one through numerous aspects.  Data itself is the life’s blood of business, and using that data in order to provide better products and services to customers is crucial to survival in a climate that becomes more competitive daily.  Even the most basic businesses are data driven, using elaborate and technologically advanced systems to allow you to run your simple business with less time and effort.  Everything from the most expensive cellular site equipment to a basic home business run from a laptop is reliant upon complex connectivity systems to grant access to other systems, and no matter how amazing the software or the hardware are, they would not be able to function without the basic connectivity that brings them all together.  This connectivity is both what makes everything work and also one of the biggest weaknesses that can cost businesses millions of dollars every year.  In order to maintain high speed connectivity, even in the case of wireless devices that are joining a network via “the cloud” to access or share data, data must flow unencumbered along cables that are somewhere integrated into the systems.  These cables come in the form of data transfer and power lines, and ultimately they allow electricity to flow from component to component.  Data transfer lines will also allow electrical flow, even though they are not specifically designed for it, and through this direct connection from component to component comes one of the Achille’s heals of technology.  Electrical surges can cause too much electrical flow to come through components that have integrated circuitry that cannot withstand it, ultimately damaging the components and shutting down the system.  Electrical surge protection devices can protect the components in the systems by cutting off the electrical flow; however this cutoff will also immediately cause connectivity to be cut off as well.  In a technological world, even momentary lapses in connectivity can cost businesses money and customers.

Raycap is leading the way with the development of more technologically advanced surge protection devices and connectivity enclosures for business data systems.  These devices do not need to be reset after a surge incident, ultimately allowing for the restoration of connectivity in a faster way.  If the system itself does not need to be shut down, then connectivity can remain ongoing after the surge danger is past.  If the system itself shuts down as part of the protection, it can be restored to functionality faster because the SPD itself is not damaged by the surge, and remains continually functional.  These improvements to the basic SPD functionality allow for more continual data flow that businesses rely upon, and are improving the business world every day.