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DC surge protection

DC surge protection is particularily necessary in several industries that utilize DC current in order to maintain service functionality.  Two major industrial applications of DC surge protection devices are the telecommunications industry, utilizing cell tower structures, and in the solar industry utilizing photovoltaic power plants.  Although the solar industry is more variable in its utilization of both AC and DC currents, the primary use of DC power is wider spread.  While there are numerous products on the market which provide a minimal level of surge protection for these types of installations, the Strikesorb line of SPDs (surge protective devices) are an excellent selection due to their superior mechanical construction and benefits.

In the telecommunications industry, connectivity is key.  Customers demand a constant access to connect to data networks 24 hours a day, and even the slightest downtime or lack of ability to connect creates extreme dissatisfaction amongst the customer base.  Cellular towers are outfitted oftentimes with many RRH (remote radio heads) and a BBU (base band unit) which are interconnected with both data transfer and power lines.  Due to the physical makeup and placement of the tower itself, generally being placed in unobstructed and remote areas as well as being physically taller than all surrounding structures, cell towers are natural attractants for lightning strikes.  Direct strikes to the RRH will generally cause physical damage to the unit and also produce a surge through attached lines that damages the BBU and any other associated electronic equipment.  Even an indirect strike to the physical tower can be coupled into the lines producing a surge which produces damage to these sensitive components.  Strikesorb technology is specifically designed for these applications in order to provide the maximum level of protection available.

In PV (photovoltaic) applications, remote locations combined with large expanses of equipment once again provides an ideal attractant for lightning strikes.  The installation of DC surge protectiondevices into inverters and at junction boxes provides a level of redundant protection that is unmatched in the industry.  While the protection of circuitry from surge related damage and degradation is important, another benefit is the minimization of offline times due to surge knockouts.  The times that equipment is offline and not producing significantly impacts the profitability of the business in a negative way.  Raycap Strikesorb DC protection products do not need to be reset after a surge instance, nor do they need replacement.  This provides longer uptimes where maintenance is not required to simply bring a system back on line even though no damage was done.  Any solar operator knows the frustrations of equipment being offline while parts are ordered or installed.

DC surge protection requires SPD products that are specifically manufactured to protect configurations which utilize DC current.  Surge protection should not be an afterthought, or a decision that is taken only after equipment damage has occurred.  Contact Raycap to discuss the most appropriate options for your installation.  Retrofitting of existing installations as well as new configurations are available.  Shouldn’t you be considering surge protection for your DC power application before it is too late?