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Cost Reductions Through Overvoltage Protection

All businesses are concerned about the bottom line and in exploring the potential advancements that can improve cost savings and increase profitability over time. The obvious desire to increase the top line sales may be the most visible business benefit, but there are significant improvements to be made to business operations by watching savings more carefully. This includes the extension of equipment lifespans and the reduction of equipment replacement costs.  Technological advancements which will improve equipment lifespan can be found everywhere in the advanced manufacturing technologies of today. But those that utilize circuit driven machinery within industrial applications and sites have an advantage they may be overlooking.  This advantage is the technology offered by Raycap products to provide capital (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx) reductions through effective lightning surge and overvoltage protection.

The ongoing degradation of circuits within sensitive equipment at industrial sites is factored into business plans as expected capital equipment replacement costs at the points of suggested replacement by the equipment manufacturer.  These points of expenditure can be potentially extended if steps are taken to reduce the wear and tear on the equipment itself. A common method of extending equipment lifetimes is made through power management systems which counteract the minor fluctuations within the electrical supply and inside the industrial site itself.  Reduction of the circuit degradation that occurs naturally due to minor electrical surges is a cost savings measure that adds to the bottom line by extending the equipment past its typical failure (and thus replacement) point.

Additional replacement points are estimated as a part of a contingency plan that includes potential equipment damage, and although this is less predictable they must be planned for all the same. Equipment is at great danger of failure caused from large transients as a result of either electrical supply problems or outside forces such as lightning strikes which produce large scale overvoltage events.  A strike directly to supply lines or coupled into lines through strikes to nearby structures can produce an electrical surge capable of destroying all equipment attached to the line, potentially even causing fires which can destroy far more than the equipment itself.  Without overvoltage protection systems in place, these types of events have far more potential to produce significant strains to the bottom line and cause necessary equipment replacement.

Raycap’s Strikesorb technology is used in the world’s finest overvoltage protection devices, and provides a level of protection that is unmatched in the industry.  While no system is perfect and failures are going to happen from time to time, Raycap’s surge protection technology protects and extends existing equipment lifetimes, significantly contributing to improved profitability over time.  In mission-critical environments the advantages of improved uptime is abundantly clear.  Contact Raycap today for more information on its surge protection solutions.