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The cost of green energy is directly influenced by surge protection from Raycap

Raycap has produced a proprietary line of surge protection devices which do not need to be replaced after they have performed their task of diverting the surge that follows a lightning strike. The electrical surge that either couples into attached power lines and structures, or travels directly through those lines from the strike point to any connected component is often one of the leading causes of damage to sensitive electronics at industrial installations. In many cases, these electronic components are not only sensitive but quite expensive, having been tasked with the computerized operation of the facility itself. Damage to equipment at the point of strike may not be avoided effectively, but damage that results from the overloading of circuitry in attached components does have the ability to be minimized, if not halted all together. Electrical surge surge damage is often a major factor in the cost of operations of modern industrial facilities, green energy included.

Green energy production facilities also benefit from the unique surge protection that Raycap’s technology provides, because of the mission-critical operational nature of such energy production. Because green energy is produced using fuel sources that have no tangible cost (in the form of wind, or sun and running water), the only limitations to the amount of power they can produce within a specific timeframe is their ability to stay online while that source is available. This means that it is crucial for a system to be online and functional when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Any time that the system is offline while that fuel source is present literally costs money because energy is not being produced. The charges that are paid for power created using green energy technology are determined by the costs of operation, the maintenance and replacement of equipment, the transport and storage of that energy, and the availability of a surplus. By creating a situation where the plants are producing power to the maximum timeframes and are able to create surpluses drives down the costs that consumers may pay. Raycap’s technology allows for systems to stay online even after a lightning strike which would typically knock a system offline. Thus, Raycap’s technology can be said to extend system production to the maximum level.

The integration of Raycap’s unique surge protection technology into green energy power plants can have a direct impact on the cost of electricity in general, translating to the prices that consumers may pay in their monthly power bills. There is no argument that green energy has less of an environmental impact than fossil fuels, and the only hesitation in the past has been that green energy is more costly to produce. As the prices level and green energy production creates power that is actually less expensive for consumers than fossil fuels, the debate will subside. Raycap and its unique surge protection technology is at the forefront of making that change happen.