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Raycap develops new Type 2 Din Rail mounted surge protection device with integrated fuse

Garching, 27. 01.2021 – Raycap, international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity and monitoring, launches a new line of 2-in-1 surge protectors for demanding industrial applications. The pluggable ProTec T2F Type 2 arrester with integrated fuse saves space in the control cabinet and facilitates installation as well as maintenance, thus reducing overall costs.

The new type 2 arrester ProTec T2F has a protection level of 1,500 V, a maximum discharge capacity of 40 kA 8/20 μs and a rated discharge current of 20 kA 8/20 μs with an integrated back-up fuse. Thus, in addition to the proven Raycap ProTec T2 product technology, which was developed for use in systems with a rated current of up to 315 A, without back-up fuse. This product can offer  protection that is independent of the installed fuses in equipment in larger factories and industrial plants.

Compact design saves space and facilitates installation

By integrating the back-up fuse and eliminating the external fuse holder assembly, the Raycap ProTec T2F offers up to 50 percent less space requirement in the control cabinet compared to conventional type 2 arresters with external back-up fuses. The combined device conforms to standard DIN Rail dimensions, making the overall installation faster and cost-effective.

In addition, the practical 2-in-1 device simplifies planning, installation and maintenance. For example, the question of dimensioning the back-up fuse does not arise with the ProTec T2F, as this is already integrated and matched to its performance parameters. Selectivity of the proper fuse now plays a subordinate role, since the combination device is already correctly configured.

“By integrating the back-up fuse, the ProTec T2F does not only save our customers time, space and money during planning and installation, it also makes maintenance and replacement of the assembly enormously easier,” says Ralf Güthoff, General Manager Lightning and Surge Protection at Raycap.

Highest protection – even against low short-circuit currents

Raycap paid particular attention to the metal oxide varistor (MOV) and developed a special fuse for this technology combination. This design increases the overall safety of the respective system and prevents its complete shutdown as a result of an overvoltage and short circuit event. “With the ProTec T2F, we offer a compact type 2 arrester with integrated back-up fuse that protects the technology on site just as safely as it protects people. Unforeseen, usually costly production shutdowns can thus be prevented,” explains Ralf Güthoff.

The new Raycap ProTec T2F complies with IEC class II according to IEC 61643-11. For more information on Raycap products, visit www.raycap.de.

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Raycap is an international manufacturer and technology leader with decades of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection for power, signal and data transmission applications. Its product portfolio includes maintenance-free electronic components that are used to protect people and mission-critical applications as well as to ensure the best possible system availability. Raycap is also a leader in passive telecommunications infrastructure for broadband and mobile networks.


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