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New Protec T1SF Space Saving Surge Protection

Raycap presents a new type 1 arrester with an integrated back-up fuse

Garching Germany, 13 Oct. 2021 – Raycap, an international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity and monitoring, is expanding its 2-in-1 surge protection product line. The new type 1 Raycap ProTec T1SF arrester with integrated back-up fuse not only saves space in the control cabinet, but also simplifies installation and maintenance – and thus reducing overall costs.

Because of its unique integrated back-up fuse, the required installation space for the ProTec T1SF SPD (Surge Protective Device) can be minimized to such an extent that it is the most compact type 1 arrester on the market. Apart from miniaturization, the integrated back-up fuse has other advantages. The practical 2-in-1 device simplifies planning, installation and maintenance. For example, the question of dimensioning the back-up fuse does not arise with the ProTec T1SF, since it is already integrated and matched to its performance parameters. That the product is already correctly configured to its fuse saves money for users and time for installers.  

Fewer cables, lower protection level

The elimination of additional wiring for fusing also provides a safety aspect: less cable distance means a lower protection level (UP). The ProTec T1SF ensures safe thermal fault current disconnection in networks with prospective short circuit currents from 300 A up to 75,000 A. A coordinated thermal disconnect switch provides disconnection at low fault currents (<300A) and extends continuous fault trip characteristics up to 1A. The ProTec T1SF fits into any DIN 43880 standard switchgear cabinet, from the largest to the smallest design.

Status always in view

The integrated back-up fuse in combination with integrated signaling brings further advantage. If the fuse fails, the ProTec T1SF switches off and signals this by means of a red signal window. Devices with an integrated remote signaling contact will report the fuse failure to the integrated controller. With standard configurations, where surge protection and external back-up fuse are installed separately, the user is not alerted if a fuse fails. They are only alerted if the surge protection itself is damaged. With the ProTec T1SF, it is possible for the maintenance provider to react in the event of a failed fuse, preventing additional and more consequential damage.

Raycap’s new ProTec T1SF series SPDs are based on its Phase Gas Discharge Tube (PGDT) technology. The multi-cell, encapsulated GDT technology combines the features of voltage-limiting and voltage-switching SPDs. Voltage switching technology enables a small package size without the disadvantages of high residual voltage or poor follow current rating. A novel multi-cell design reduces the follow current to such an extent that ProTec T1SF behaves similarly to MOV-based technologies and can thus also be installed in networks having high prospective short-circuit fault currents (SCCR). PGDT technology does all this with just half the footprint of comparable competing products, which optimizes space utilization in the control cabinet.

“By integrating the back-up fuse, the ProTec T1SF not only saves our customers time, space and money during planning and installation,” says Ralf Güthoff, General Manager Lightning and Surge Protection at Raycap. “The pluggable combination device also makes maintenance and replacement of the assembly much easier. The combination of PGDT technology and integrated back-up fuse makes the ProTec T1SF the most compact surge protector on the market.” Commercially available cross-connectors facilitate the configuration for the corresponding network types (TN-S and TN-C networks) and thus further simplify the installation.

The new Raycap ProTec T1SF complies with IEC class I/II according to IEC 61643-11. More information about Raycap products can be found at www.raycap.com and www.raycap.de.

About Raycap

Raycap is an international manufacturer and technology leader with decades of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection for power, signal, and data transmission applications. Its product portfolio includes maintenance-free electronic components that are used to protect people and mission-critical applications as well as to ensure the best possible system availability. Raycap is also a leader in passive telecommunications infrastructure for broadband and mobile networks. Its product portfolio includes structured cabling systems for “Fiber and Power to the Antenna”, power supply and distribution enclosures for mobile networks, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor enclosures for copper and fiber optic cable networks including “Fiber to the Home”. The company has experienced continuous growth since its founding in 1987 and currently has more than 1,800 employees. Its test laboratories and IP guarantee quality, reliability, and innovation; and are the basis for independently conducted international approvals of products according to UL, IEC, and EN. Raycap solutions support customers from a wide range of industries, including building and construction, telecommunications, energy storage and generation, photovoltaics, wind turbines, e-mobility, and rail technology. Products are marketed under the Strikesorb®, Rayvoss®, ProTec, SafeTec, ProGRID, SafeBloc, ProBloc, ACData®, STEALTH® and InvisiWave® brands.


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