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Cell Site Surge Protection

Cell site surge protection is becoming increasingly important due to higher volumes of cellular traffic, 3G, 4G and LTE, and the expansion of the transmission capacities needed. Optimal equipment functionality is necessary in order to keep next generation network infrastructures up and running at all times, and must be protected from devastating natural events such as lightning.  As mobile network operators have improved levels of service to their clients through new and improved architectures, such as distributed base station architectures, featuring remote radio head (RRH) technology and the higher capacity base station units that accompany them the need to protect exposed electronics at the tops of the towers has become evident.  The ultimate goal of any mobile operator is improved network reliability and availability, and Raycap is the partner of choice for the world’s largest mobile operators.  Raycap’s superior cell site surge protection technology is powered by Strikesorb, a technology designed specifically to provide the most extensive protection to mission critical infrastructure.

The increased risks of lightning surge damage to cell towers as a result of lightning strikes is due to the fact that now, in today’s RRH architectures, radios have moved to the tower top and out of the shelters below.  Cell tower locations are vulnerable because of their exposed locations and their heights, which makes a likely target for a lightning strike.  Even if the strike to the physical structure of the tower itself is not devastating, an electrical surge can travel down the copper power cables that supply the power to the RRHs, and cripple the site immediately.  The surge event that is produced by a lightning strike is far more than enough to destroy the sensitive components at the cell site and take the tower off line, resulting in equipment loss, maintenance charges and severely compromising customer retention rates.  All of these results significantly impact the bottom line of the mobile carrier, and produce increased pressure to maintain performance at all costs.  The installation of Strikesrob protection technology helps maintain the entire installation regardless of a lightning strike because Strikesorb is capable of taking multiple strikes while continuing to protect the equipment it is designed to protect.

Raycap provides solutions for surge protection for cell sites and connectivity, and a series of various enclosures are used to both connect fiber-optic and power cables as well as protect equipment on the electrical supply line.  If a lightning strike occurs, Strikesorb technology is capable of absorbing the surge, stopping the flow to the equipment, and keeping the equipment functioning and on-line.  Having Strikesorb in place prevents  events of extreme overvoltage, such as are produced by a lightning strike, from having a devastating effect on cell site equipment.  The uptime of network connectivity is crucial to the profitability of the cellular operator  and the overall success of the cell site. Through protection of the equipment from natural damage such as lightning, the business is improved  by minimizing capital expenditures due to equipment damage and operating expenditures due to downtime.