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How the AT&T Discovery Center Keeps Innovation Connected with 5G mmWave

To see a range of solutions for concealing small cell wireless sites, look no further than Dallas, Texas, home to AT&T corporate headquarters. Raycap worked with the carrier to complete two very different concealment projects.

  • Six custom-designed wall-mounted enclosures were designed, manufactured, and painted to match the granite walls of AT&T’s buildings and provide 5G mmWave coverage around the AT&T Discovery District
  • Nearby, highly customized small cell poles were engineered to meet the carrier’s needs, the utility’s access requirements, and the city’s aesthetic guidelines—including an integrated image of the iconic Pegasus logo.

These two projects show how Raycap-led collaboration among all stakeholders can solve challenging wireless deployments: wall-mounted, rooftop-mounted, integrated into poles, and others.
Get the details in this case study, Keeping Innovation Connected with 5G in the AT&T Discovery District. 

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