RRH Surge Protection


Raycap is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of remote radio head (RRH) surge protection devices, specifically designed to protect the RRHs and BBU (base band unit) in a distributed base station architecture from lightning strikes, which can damage or completely destroy this sensitive equipment.  The main reason that industrial surge protection equipment is so crucial in these cellular architectures is the conductive path between the units.  In a distributed base station architecture (DBS), the connectivity between the BBU and the RRH is provided through copper cables fed from the base station up the tower or building structure to the RRHs mounted on a roof or tower top.  The power to the RRH is supplied through these copper power cables, or by hybrid copper/fiber combination cable, creating a perfect path for electricity to travel on the structure and damaging the equipment.  These surges, if left unmitigated, will most certainly destroy sensitive electrical equipment attached within the chain.  Raycap’s Strikesorb technology is utilized worldwide to protect RRH and connected equipment from these surges.

The potential for damage as a result of surges is initiated through lightning strikes to the structure, tower top, or nearby.  The vulnerability to lightning strikes as a result of the positioning and the construction materials should be recognized not as an “if it will be struck,” but instead “when it will be struck and how many times.” The surge protection systems should be installed redundantly both in front of the RRH and the BBU in order to provide maximum protection from repeated strikes.  Through a redundant application, both the sensitive equipment on the tower as well as within the base structure has maximum protection.

The next generation 4G/LTE networks as well as 2G and 3G networks are the specialization of Raycap’s RRH surge protection applications using Strikesorb technology. Through these protection setups, the critical network assets are left less vulnerable to damage from direct strikes and overvoltage events produced by direct and coupled strikes. Through mitigation of damages to the critical components, cellular carriers have the ability to lower operational expenses through reduction of the expected replacement rates for damaged equipment, as well as maintaining a more consistent and continual uptime rate for customers.  Through ongoing and continual electrical protection on mobile networks, Raycap’s systems are able to assist carriers in building their businesses more efficiently and effectively, all the while maintaining better network uptime and reliability.

Cell tower protection from electrical surges is a necessary reality for those who wish to create both a mobile network with better customer uptime as well as lower capital expenditures (Capex) and operational expenditures (Opex) throughout the network lifespan.  Strikesorb itself is a next generation MOV-based SPD which is certified for use in all DC operations and is able to withstand multiple strikes.  The superiority of the technology is based in the suitability for DC currents without failures due to follow currents.  For RRH surge protection, Strikesorb systems are safer and far superior to conventional protection technologies, and are the chosen protection device for some of the largest mobile carriers and providers worldwide.