Raycap has a clear vision of the future network. We’ve shaped it by working with the leading companies in the wireless industry including our partners, customers, suppliers, and current and future network stakeholders. Our edge is in the design and integration of high throughput, high density and multi-technology passive solutions. With the acquisition of STEALTH Concealment Solutions, Raycap has gained a unique capability to turn concepts and innovative designs into industrialized, cost efficient wireless site concealment solutions that provide densification for the next generation 5G network infrastructure.

Raycap’s STEALTH concealed small cell pole product line is available as fully concealed, concealed or unconcealed pole solutions. Our small cell poles can also be purchased fully integrated, making them easier and considerably less expensive to install. Our team’s 25+ years of engineering, integration and RF concealment experience, combined with an understanding of municipality requirements for concealed poles, puts us in “pole” position to assist carriers to quickly roll out small cell infrastructure into virtually any environment.  Read more about our high volume production facilities in this article in Inside Towers Fall Showcase 2019.

Interested? Email Raycap at info@raycap.com or visit the Raycap | STEALTH Small Cell product page to find out more.

NEW:  InvisiWave Concealment for 5G mmWave radios.

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