IS Series – Rack mount protection for up to 12 remote radios

The deployment of Remote Radio Head (RRH) architecture poses unique challenges to the mobile telecom industry. Raycap’s innovative RRH protection solutions mitigate the risk of damage due to lightning and provide high levels of availability and reliability to radio equipment.

The IS Series offers unique maintenance-free protection against direct lightning currents. It protects up to 12 radios. It employs the patented Strikesorb® Protective Device (SPD) technology specifically designed for the Remote Radio Head (RRH) installation environment and certified for use in DC applications and at low DC (48 V) operating voltages.

The Strikesorb 30-V1-HV is a Class I SPD, certified by VDE per the IEC 61643-11 standard as suitable for installation in areas where direct lightning exposure is expected. Strikesorb 30-V1-HV is able to withstand direct lightning currents of up to 5 kA (10/350 μs) and induced surge currents of up to 60 kA (8/20 μs). It provides very low let-through / clamping voltage – unique for a Class I product – as it does not employ spark gaps or other switching elements. Strikesorb offers unique protection levels to the RRH equipment as well as the base band units. The unit uses  “AM” bullet style breakers, and the flexible and upgradeable design allows for upgrades of up to twelve circuit breakers. Slim, 3RU design fits 19 inch rack configurations (23 inch also available).

  • Rack-mount overvoltage protection
  • Location of use: BBU
  • Circuit breakers: Up to 12 AM style breakers with mid-trip alarm
  • Protective element: Strikesorb 30-V1-HV
  • Surge discharge rating: Imax = 60kA 8/20 μs
  • Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) per UL 1449 4th edition: 400V
  • Protection Class as per IEC 61643-11: Class I
  • Complies with: UL 1449 4th Ed, IEC 61643-11