Quality Engineered Equipment Enclosures for Wireless Networks

Our equipment shrouds and pole mounted street furniture products are designed to safely enclose and conceal any and all 4G/5G or 5G radios/antennas and other active equipment, regardless of the radio or antenna manufacturer. Raycap ensures that its APELIO product line is manufactured to protect equipment, withstand the elements of the outside world and blend in with the environment.


RSCAC-1018 Series_(G02-01-646)
RSCAC-1028 Series_(G02-01-761)
RSCAC-1038 Series_(G02-01-871)
RSCAC-1048 Series_(G02-01-873)
RSCAC-SH24-423614 PSEG AHFIC_(Nokia)_(G02-01-931)