Raycap’s APELIO brackets and mounts provide security and strength

Made for Wireless Networks

Raycap’s APELIO quality equipment mounts and brackets are engineered solutions developed for the wireless infrastructure markets and designed to last. Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce and deliver product quickly and on-time. Many customizations are available.

4G / 4G+5G mount solutions are available for metal or wood poles and can accommodate all antennas through various adapter plates.

TOP Mounts

  • Adjustable-size pole top antenna mounts are available for wooden poles
  • Top mounts for metal poles are made to order to fit the metal pole type

SIDE Mounts

  • Side antenna mount solutions are available for the communication zone

ALL Mounts

    • Constructed of structural steel powder coated Galvannealed and finished to customer color specification
    • Certified PIM free
    • Many mounting options
    • Ship with universal bases as needed


REM Series – 4G Top Mount Pole Solutions (G02-01-751)
REM Series – 4G_5G Side-Mount Pole Solutions (G02-01-753)
REM Series – 5G Mount Solutions (G02-01-752)
REM-1421 Bracket Kit_(G02-01-921) REM-4204 (G02-01-934)
REM-6024 Strand Mount (G01-01-750)
REM-9519_4G_5G Mount Solutions (G02-01-862)
RSM-Series Side Mount Pole Solutions (G02-01-929)
RTR_REM Series – 4G_5G Mount Pole Solutions (G02-01-754)
RTR-Series Top Mount Pole Solutions (G02-01-930)