RayDat Protection Products

This product group has a modular design that complies with IEC/EN 61643-21, is available in voltages from 5 to 110 VDC, and comes with a variety of surge discharge ratings. Primarily available in a DIN Rail format, this group also includes products designed in stainless steel for use in explosive environments. Common applications include protection of DC power and data lines, Local Area Networks, data circuits, shielded cables, and more.

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  • RayDat SRH-2 products feature additional remote contacts. If the unit fails the contacts change state.
  • RayDat SSH-3 Series is equipped with additional protection for cable shield.
  • RayDat SUI-4 Series was designed to withstand greater surge levels [Iimp=10kA].
  • RayDat SLH-4 Series is a universal Data surge protective device designed to protect two independent symmetrical data lines.
  • RayDat PSC-2 is designed to protect power supplies
  • RayDat NET Series is intended to protect Local Area Networks (LANS) from overvoltage surges and electrostatic discharges created by switching transients in buildings.
  • RayDat RS 485 protects two pair data transmission circuits using the RS 485, RS 422 and V.11 protocol.
  • RayDat PLP 24 protects data circuits such as 4-20mA current loops in industrial environments.
  • RayDat GD is a generic protector for data circuits.
  • IEC/EN Categories: D1/C1/C2/C3

RayDat SCH-2 Series

RayDat SCH-4 Series

RayDat SCL-1 Series

RayDat SCL-2 Series

RayDat SUH-2 PS Series

RayDat Ex-2 Series

RayDat PLP Ex Series

RayDat PSC-2 Series

RayDat Net 6 POE

RayDat Net 5 Series

RayDat Net 5 19 Series

RayDat SLH-2 Series

RayDat SLH-4 Series

RayDat SPH-2 Series

RayDat SPH-4 Series

RayDat SGH-3 Series

RayDat SBH-3 Series

RayDat SSH-3 Series

RayDat SRH-2 Series

RayDat SRH-2L Series

RayDat SUI-4 Series

RayDat SUR-2 Series

RayDat SUR-4 Series

RayDat SLL-4 Series