SPDs for Protection of Coaxial and RF Systems

The RayDat & RayCox solutions for Coaxial and RF system protection provide a variety of capacities depending upon the application.  These include protection for analog video surveillance systems, video and cable TV, and RF antenna systems in a range of frequencies. Contact Raycap today to help identify the right solution for your need.

  • IEC/EN Categories: C1/C2/C3
  • Protection: Impedance Matched
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: up to 280V
  • Maximum peak power: Up to 300 W
  • Frequency Range DC: various, 40 MHz – 2.0 GHz
  • Surge Discharge Ratings: Imax from 10 to 30 kA
  • Series Load Current: 100 mA
  • Enclosure: In-line Installation
  • Termination: BNC Connectors
  • Housing: In-line Installation and/or Shielded Enclosure
  • Compliance: IEC/EN 61643-21

RayCox BNC Series
RayCox IEC 48 & F 48
RayDat CP BNC Series
RayDat CP 7-16 Series
RayDat CP N Series
RayDat CP N-6G Series
RayDat CP TNC-6G Series
RayDat CP UHF Series
RayDat CP F75 Series
RayDat CP TV75 Series
RayDat CP L-4-7-16 Series
RayDat CP L-4-N Series
SureLinx In-Line Coax & Power Series
SureLinx Gas Discharge Tube Series