ProBloc B 1000 DC Compact Multi-pole SPDs, SafeTec T2 1000 DC SPDs

ProBloc B is a MOV-based industrial SPD solution in a compact housing available in 12.5kA and 25kA / pole T1+T2 configurations.

The product is 20kA per conductor, the pulse current is 6.25kA per conductor. In addition, ProBloc B 1000 DC offers safety up to 1,000 volts of permanent operating voltage. UL Type 2 CA certified and future-proof for a large number of DC sources.

  • ProBloc B 1000 DC Features
    • Compact design
    • UL Type 2 CA certified
    • Nominal discharge current (8/20 microseconds) is 20kA per conductor
    • Pulse current is 6.25kA per conductor
    • Innovative patented disconnecting device with a rotating mechanism that can be used to safely extinguish a switching arc

(G29-00-479) ProBloc B 1000 DC_RevA

(G29-00-769) SafeTec T2 1000 DC 3+0_RevA