ProTec ZPS Busbar Solutions

Raycap presents its busbar mountable Hybrid SPD solutions, ProTec ZPS, designed to protect industrial buildings and residences against surge damage.

The ZPS products are designed specifically for use at industrial plants, in light industrial buildings and the residential market and offer surge protection (EN Typ. 1+2) in accordance with the revised version of the VDE 0100-443 and VDE 0100-534 standards, whose use in new systems became mandatory from 14 December 2018 onward. The products are designed for use in main distribution boards having 40 mm busbar systems

Raycap has incorporated numerous innovations into the design of their new ZPS surge protective devices. Key product features include secure module locking mechanism, a redesigned thermal disconnection system, vibration and shock withstand capability, high surge current ratings,  a Hybrid GDT / MOV protection technology, space saving designs and SPD Type & Voltage coded plug-in modules.

ProTec ZPS T1H

Surge Ratings: Iimp= 12.5kA (10/350µs)
In= 20kA (8/20µs)
IEC/EN: Class I+II / Type 1+2
Technology: Hybrid
Leakage Current: No
Line Follow Current: No
Housing: Compact design
Compliance: IEC 61643-11:2011, EN 61643-11:2012

(G29-00-820) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+0(-R)_RevA
(G29-00-821) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+0(-R)-L_RevA
(G29-00-822) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+1(-R)_RevA
(G29-00-823) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+1(-R)-L_RevA
(G29-00-824) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+0 E(-R)_RevA
(G29-00-825) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+0 E(-R)-L_RevA
(G29-00-826) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+1 E(-R)_RevA
(G29-00-827) ProTec ZPS T1H 3+1 E(-R)-L_RevA