ACData Surge Blox Series

The Surge Blox 200 series modular design is field upgradable and features easy-to- replace independently alarmed components in a variety of service voltages, enclosure types and sizes. Partial failure notification allows for timely component repair without compromising protection, while damaged components can be replaced without suppressor failure. Basic applications for light-industrial and other commercial uses.

  • Common mode suppression available (-G or -GNA models)
  • Thermal fused metal oxide varistor (MOV) and/or silicon avalanche diode (SAD) for MOV/SAD suppression technology
  • Audible, three distinct light-emitting diodes (LED) visual and remote alarm protection status indicators
  • Type 2 per UL 1449 4th Ed.
  • Type 4X fiberglass outdoor rated enclosures
  • Surge current capacity > 200 kA 8/20 per phase
  • Increase surge protection with stacking modular design
  • Optional filtering module to meet UL 1283 Listing
  • UL 1449 4th Edition Listed
  • 10-year product warranty


  • Modules are offered in a patented circuit design and assembly
  • Per phase, modules may be installed individually or vertically stacked to upgrade protection.
  • Panels are available in a variety of service voltages and enclosure sizes
  • Silicon avalanche diodes (SADs) and/or metal oxide varistors (MOVs) in easy-to-replace-and-upgrade modular designs.
  • SAD and MOV modules are independently alarmed, and MOV components are individually thermal fused for reliable protection
  • Green and red LEDs provide visual verification of protection status
  • Form C contacts are also available