SafeBloc Compact Multi-pole SPD

SafeBloc TCG from Raycap is designed for high reliability surge protection from damage caused by electrical surges. SafeBloc is designed to have no leakage current, and offers a safe solution in a standard and compact  DIN Rail design. The SafeBloc product line includes high energy MOV and GDT technology, and is available in a wide range of configurations to meet any application.

SafeBloc Features:

  • Location of use: Main distribution boards
  • Protective elements: High energy MOV and GDT
  • Industry standard DIN rail design
  • High TOV Immunity
  • Controlled and safe disconnection
  • No leakage current
  • No possibility of thermal runaway
  • No arcing during disconnection
  • At EOL, continuous power to the equipment
  • Five-year warranty
  • Solutions for Class I and Class II (IEC)
  • Solutions for Type 1 and Type 2 (EN)
  • Solutions for Type 1CA and Type 2CA (UL)

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