Surge Protection For All Industries 

Every industry can benefit from effective surge protection.  There are weaknesses in almost any industrial facility where damage can occur to the equipment that is being used in some industrial  process.  One of the most problematic aspects of running industrial equipment is that it does not have the ability to withstand power fluctuations outside of a specific range.  This is especially problematic with control equipment that is circuitdriven, or which uses a lot of microprocessors.  These types of sensitive equipment are found in almost every type of industry, and many times this equipment is  responsible for the necessary data storage and transfer that makes a business run smoothly.  Because of power chains connecting equipment together, as well as replacement of adjacent equipment we find that power surges that take the normal flow of electricity and move it outside of the safety range can destroy multiple components which are all connected.  Electricity can easily flow along the lines that supply power, as well as the data lines which allow communication, in addition to along any type of conductive materials.  This means that othe occasion where a lightning strike happens to a piece of equipment or to a power line between a facility, or even to another facility nearby, a power surge outside of the safe range can enter into the facility system.  The electrical transients flow from component to component, overwhelming and degrading the circuitry of anything that it comes in contact with.  As a result, the damage is not isolated to the strike point of the lightning, but extends far beyond it to the equipment which is connected or nearby.  The single lightning strike incident can have a massive damaging impact to the bottom line of a business as a result.  This is why most operators will go to great lengths to integrate surge protection devices into their facilities along any path that power can travel.  They install surge protection devices at critical points like the service entrance, at junction boxes as well as in a redundant manner along power and data transfer lines.  Taking special care to install a surge protection device nearby each piece of sensitive equipment is also critical, as this will offer that device one more opportunity to have the power surge absorbed.  Electricity will also be diminished as it travels distances, meaning that if it has coupled into power lines from the lightning strike outside of the facility, with the draw down at each surge protection device in the chain, the power becomes closer to the normal level.  Another potential damage point is the powering up and down of equipment, as there is a voltage spike when this procedure takes place.  While it is not generally going to result in complete destruction of the equipment, it will degrade the circuitry over time and eventually render affected components less functional.  Installation of surge protection equipment prevents power overvoltage from coming into contact with the sensitive components, potentially extending their lifespan and protecting data.  If your facility is not upgraded to the latest technologically advanced surge protection devices, contact Raycap. 

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