Surge Protection And Industrial Facilities    

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When most people think about surge protection, they envision the surge strips that they have lamps plugged into in their homes.  They may also think about the surge boxes and battery backups that they may have their computer plugged into in their office.  While these do fit the definition of surge protection devices, they are far from the most technologically advanced SPDs that are available.  Surge protection is a critical element of nearly every industrial setup in every business model.  This is because the equipment utilized in the processes that industrial facilities are engaged in is quite expensive, and completely at risk.  The daily operations of industrial facilities involve several risk factors that can significantly impact the lifespan of the computers and equipment utilized in their process.  This equipment is very much like your home computer with regards to its ability to be damaged, as the circuitry involved inside of these components cannot operate outside of an established power flow range.  If an electrical transient meets this equipment, the circuitry can easily be damaged beyond the point of repair.  For this reason, industrial facilities understand that the integration of the most technologically superior industrial surge protection devices and systems that are available is critical to their bottom line.  Not only will the avoidance of surge instances keep their systems online and functional for longer periods of time, it will also avoid the ongoing damage that adds up in repair costs and replacement of components.  Just the switching large pieces of equipment on and off creates an initial power spike which can have a degrading effect on the circuitry of that device over time.  Every time that equipment is powered up or power down, if it is unprotected there is a good chance that the life span and operational capabilities of it and others connected in the power system inside the facility are being compromised.  While you may not see the impact immediately, the way you would when a gratuitous power surge event completely destroys a piece of equipment, operators who track their costs over time understand the extension of the lifespan of their equipment will be beneficial to the bottom line.  The integration of surge protection devices into these power chains keeps standard operations moving forward uninterrupted. 


Industrial grade surge protective devices are the best defense against switching errors as well as lightning produced power surges.  They are appropriate for any and every low voltage power application ranging from solar and wind to telecommunications and transportation.  The addition of effective lightning and transient voltage surge protection into your existing industrial setup can be accomplished through the utilization of advanced surge protection devices from Raycap.  There are a variety of products available that are applicable to any facility, and when used in a redundant fashion in combination with lightning diversion equipment like lightning rods and overhead shielding, you can rest assured that your equipment stays as protected as it is possible in 2021.  Raycap eliminates damage that will be caused by power surges to critical equipment. 

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