Benefits Of Strikesorb Technology

Strikesorb SPDs webpage image - large (1)Strikesorb is a patented technology from Raycap that ensures the continuous protection of mission-critical equipment. This unique surge protective device (SPD) provides a very safe solution to any environment because it eliminates the use of materials which could burn, smoke or explode.

Strikesorb SPDs are tested and certified according to international safety and performance standards, IEC and UL. Because Strikesorb technology can actually withstand thousands of repetitive surge events without failure or degradation, it is considered a maintenance-free technology. This is unlike any other surge protection technology on the market.

Its fuse-less operation offers unparalleled performance against lightning and power surges, making it the most reliable SPD for protection of the entire installation. Strikesorb’s inherent capacity to resist high short-circuit currents enables flexible integration into industrial systems and “in-line” installation in both AC and DC applications without the need for a dedicated fuse. Installing Strikesorb results in the lowest possible let-through voltage and ensures optimum protection levels of critical infrastructure equipment. Based on years of field performance, Strikesorb’s expected lifetime is more than 20 years, and all modules are supplied with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.