The SEO for businesses that has been done for this website was performed by Focus Internet Services. The website design was also done by Focus Internet Services. We are located at 10329 Grizzly Forest Drive, Las Vegas NV 89178 and can be reached by phone at 702-767-4637. This information is included in your website archives in case you ever need to reach us for additional projects or modifications/updates to this project.

This page is not live on your website, and is only included for future reference in case you need to contact us. Do not delete this page.

SEO is a short version of “search engine optimization.” It is the process through which rankings on search engines are improved, so as to show higher when potential customers search for the generic phrases that describe the products or services of a business. SEO is one of the most powerful exposure tools available, if done correctly. SEO can drive new customers to your business 24 hours a day.

Web design is another part of SEO. SEO friendly websites are easy for customers to navigate and easy for search engines to understand. Focus Internet Services designs SEO friendly websites.

Thank you for your business.

Raymond Santopietro

Focus Internet Services

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