Protection Of Home Solar Equipment From Power Surges 

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Because your home electrical system has been connected to a grid in the past, you are probably very used to a system that has no need or requirement for maintenance, and ultimately does not involve any thought at all.  The only thing that may be an issue with regards to having the power be operable in your home is if the breakers have been tripped or not.  Because the grid in most major cities is very safe and evolved, most homeowners have almost no thought about the power that is being supplied.  From time to time weather related power outages will happen that disrupt daily activities, and user’s  involvement with that situation is simply waiting for the power to be restored.  As homeowners switch over to solar power generation, systems will be installed into homes that utilizes solar panels on roofs, or strategically placed in other unobstructed areas and connected to equipment allowing for power conversion and transfer to the electrical company in your area, if necessary.  This system generally does not need much as far as maintenance but does need more involvement then users may have been used to in the past.  Of special interest is the need to adequately ground the solar power system, and the implementation of surge protection equipment in order to keep the system operational and fully functioning without interruption.  By providing protection methods homeowners can also save themselves a significant amount of repair cost that may have been unexpected.  This comes as a result of lightning strikes to the panels themselves, or power surges that have entered the system as a result of either a lightning strike or another event.  Many people do not realize that the exposed nature of solar panels makes them a perfect target for lightning strikes, which are seeking the path of least resistance to Earth.  Because the solar panels on a roof are ultimately the tallest structure in many regions, the best defense is a good offense.  Lightning being attracted to these panels on roof cannot only cause damage at the point of the strike but also damage comes as a result of the power surge through the connected lines that join those panels to themselves and with the equipment inside of your home.  To divert electricity away from striking these panels or other structures on their property or surrounding area, many homeowners will choose to install a lightning rod or overhead shields of some sort.  It is also of critical importance to provide surge protection devices that are strategically and redundantly positioned along the potential pathways that a power surge can take at the entry point to a home and in the system of the equipment involved in the solar process.  If these power surges are allowed to travel unimpeded, there is almost an assurance that they will damage the solar power system, resulting in outages that are not able to be recovered from until the equipment is repaired. Just as insurance covers for unexpected accidents, surge protection is there to make sure an unexpected surge event doesn’t cost the homeowner money. 

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