ProTec ZPN T1H Series

Raycap’s newest ZP Series product, the ProTec ZPN T1H, is specially designed for installations in buildings according to VDE 0100-443/-534 and VDE-AR-N 100:2019-04.


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  • Designed for 40 mm busbar system cabinets
  • For use in all main distribution cabinets
  • IEC/EN: Class I+II+III / Type 1+2+3
  • Space-saving 36mm design enables the addition of ProAcc ZP-TB, a functional terminal bar (sold separately) for incoming power connection and supply to the 40mm busbar system
  • Integrated protected output for auxiliary devices
  • Remote contact (RC) for SPD monitoring
  • Leakage current-free technology
  • Reliable mechanical end-of-life (EOL) indicator
  • One replacement fuse comes with the product