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Operational excellence, the highest quality systems, rigorous inspection, supply chain management and consistent on-time delivery spell success for Raycap’s manufacturing group. Raycap works with leading organizations worldwide and continues to learn from them every day. To service its customers Raycap has created a high performing global manufacturing organization that is capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements of the most discerning customers. Not only can Raycap handle large customer volumes and roll-outs, but it specializes in custom manufacturing. The company’s automated manufacturing plants in Europe and the United States follow the most stringent quality and inspection standards in the industry because at the core Raycap is responsible for developing systems that protect mission-critical equipment from failure.

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To support this, the company has a well-developed global quality system and disaster recovery strategies that focus on uninterrupted supply. From the protection of vital communications equipment installed on the top of cell towers to safeguarding controls that guide commercial aircraft, Raycap is there because failure is not an option. The company’s Manufacturing photo bottom rightworldwide capacities provide it with the muscle to optimally manage healthy supply chain relationships, service vendors, and delivery schedules ensuring consistent and on-time global delivery.

Raycap’s purchase of surge protection technology manufacturer Iskra Zascite, increases our related solution offerings for building infrastructure and general industrial applications. In addition, the recent acquisition of concealment company STEALTH, enhances our small cell telecommunications infrastructure roll outs worldwide.