Outdoor Active Cabinets (Street Cabinets)

photo-for-cover-pageRaycap designs innovative, customized and complete outdoor telecommunications cabinets. The cabinets have a base structure of aluminum along with dual ventilated aluminum walls that offer excellent heat conductivity, corrosion resistance, and low weight. They are fully modular and scalable according to customer requirements and are easy to maintain.Viewty

The company is also experienced in the provision of installation services on active equipment inside the cabinets, including the installation of the MSANs, subscriber cable termination and testing, and cabinet pre-commissioning. Raycap is committed to providing superior quality outdoor cabinets Cabinet Brochure along with continuous and effective customer support. We maintain long-lasting working relationship with clients and ensure the long-term life and proper operation of the cabinets in the field.

Cabinet Mechanical Characteristics

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Robust structure for demanding environments
  • Corrosion resistance and long operational life
  • Indoor or outdoor configuration
  • Future-proof: network upgrades, technology changes, swaps, etc. without affecting  system operation
  • Simple installation, lightweight construction and easy to transport 

Cabinet Materials

  • All cabinet materials have been selected and processed to provide proper mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
  • (IEC 68-2-11) to ensure the long life and proper operation of the cabinets in the field.
  • All plastic parts used inside the cabinets (i.e. cable guides, cables, etc.) are made according to UL specifications and are surface-resistant to ozone cracking and LSZH.

Each street cabinet can be equipped with the appropriate cable management system (e.g. cableducts, brackets, etc.) for the power, optical and copper cables. Moreover, the ducts can be properly labelled to identify the type of routing (e.g. whether a duct is used to route optical cables or power supply cables). To upgrade cable routing more cable ducts can be added optionally. All outdoor cabinets are at risk from rodents and humidity. The appropriate sealing method can be selected from a variety of grommets, cable glands and configurable splitting high density foam blocks. The number, the diameter and the position of the openings can be fully customized to customer’s requirements.

Climate Control and Noise Management

Raycap provides solutions for thermal and acoustic management. The product range varies from heat exchangers, fan/filter solutions and air-conditioning units. In each project the appropriate heat dissipation technology is selected in combination with the acoustic requirements in order toassure the proper operation and the long-life of the installed equipment. In addition Raycap designs and manufactures its own fan speed controller in order to regulate the speed of the fans of the cooling solution, to collect the alarms of the fans and measurethe temperature of the cabinet. The fan speed controller is implemented to allow the setup of specific temperature levels at different times of the day. This feature contributes to the reduction and prevention of noise in public areas.