Protection & Monitoring Solutions for Wind Energy

Wind protectionRaycap has ideal solutions that ensure that sensitive wind turbine electronics are protected from electrical surges associated with lightning strikes. From its highly effective surge protection technologies to its state-of-the-art monitoring and measuring devices, Raycap equipment will provide uninterrupted protection of electronic equipment against lightning surges.

Lightning strikes bring incredibly large power surges that can travel through nearby structures and up any connected power lines within structures.  Inside a wind turbine these power lines will lead directly to expensive computerized equipment used in the control process, and the circuitry of these components are only able to withstand so much current before being destroyed.  Because there is an expectation of lightning strikes to the wind turbines themselves, the only adequate method of minimizing losses is to protect the associated and connected equipment from the damages sustained by the lightning surge.  This is accomplished through industrial surge protection devices (SPDs) situated along power lines and at critical junction points.  These devices stop the flow of power if it escalates beyond a safe range and protects the downstream components in order to extend their useful life spans.

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